Back last year, the Cruxbot team joined Kno Inc and eventually Intel Corporation.

We are now deeply focused on our new projects within Intel, and we've decided to discontinue Cruxlight Web Summarizer. We will be shutting down Cruxbot and Cruxlight temporarily for all browsers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can mail us at and we will personally get back to you.

We can't begin to express how thankful we are for your support throughout this endeavour of ours. In many ways, Cruxlight was a radical product that inspired many subsequent advances and helped push the world forward.

We hope our new creations at Intel will do the same and you stick with us through the next chapter.

- Cruxbot Team

Cruxbot processes vast amount of information to

make complex and subtle logical connections,

breaking down the barrier between people and machines.


We arrange 1’s and 0’s in such a manner that make dumb machines smart. People call it "Artificial Intelligence", but in our opinion its the closest that the man can ever get to giving birth.

We earnestly try to make the world a better place by creating smart technologies that many a times no one will ever see or even know that's there. But we know; and that's all that matters.


Kick-ass Team

Nirmit Parikh

Founder & CEO

Tanmay Desai

Co-founder & COO

Vikas Pahwa

Core Engineer

Ashish Sharma

Core Engineer

Superhero Mentors

Ade Mabogunje

Vikram Parmar

Neeraj Sonalkar

Shreeraj Shah

Let's make web a better place.

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